The ONE That Fits All

Plug into the future of property management and elevate it with Habitap ONE’s smart technology.

Woman using the intercom outside a gated property to call resident and parents and child freely enjoying the outdoors in a beautiful residential compound

At Habitap, we understand property management. After all, we deployed the first “smart” condominium — The Clement Canopy — and pioneered the use of an integrated mobile app for intercom, resident access and visitor management in Singapore.

We believe smart technology should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we create a cloud-driven security and intercom solution that is highly sustainable in the long run.

Enter Habitap ONE.

Key Benefits

ONE is All You Need

  • 01

    Shift CapEx into OpEx — savings to last 100 years

    Do away with high acquisition costs and adopt a flexible pay-per-use subscription. Never pay for CapEx again

  • 02

    Manage and control everything online

    Drive a dynamic and mobile workflow with a centralised web-based platform you can access anywhere at any time.

  • 03

    Eliminate physical access cards and go contactless

    Reduce the need for interaction and provide a touch-free and safe entry for residents and visitors. Residents enjoy unlimited users and digital credentials. Say goodbye to having to pay for cards.

  • 04

    Protect data with daily cloud back-ups

    Rest easy knowing that data is safe and recoverable readily with cloud back-up storage which ensures continuity of historical records for successive councils.

  • 05

    Reduce carbon footprint

    Choose cloud-based technology over traditional hardware and software for a long-term and more sustainable solution.

    Resident Access

    You can manage QR credentials on one administration portal, including activating/deactivating access for residents, assigning administrative rights and more. All residents only need to install the Habitap ONE app.

    Visitor Management

    With the Habitap ONE app, residents can invite guests ahead of time by sending a web-link invite to guests via mobile messaging tools like WhatsApp. Confirmed guests will receive a QR code to be used for tapping on the access control point at your property.

    Visitor Web Intercom

    For unregistered visitors and delivery personnel, Habitap ONE offers a scan to call intercom system whereby they can buzz the intended resident upon arrival at the property. The resident would receive the call on the mobile so they may verify the visitor’s identity and remotely unlock the door for entry. No hardware or cumbersome installation is required to enable this feature.

    Instant Pass

    Residents may grant their unregistered guests quick access upon their arrival, instead of requesting for their details. All the host has to do is press the “Instant Pass” button on the mobile phone to send an in-app QR code (valid for one minute) to the visitor.

Find Out More

Download our Habitap ONE Home product brochure for more information such as hardware specifications.


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Condo Units
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    From SGD $6.99 per home unit per month

    Web-based intercom that visitors can use on their own mobile devices; contactless, convenient and low-cost

    • • Free QR Readers and Controllers
    • • Web page Intercom
    • • Free installation
    • • Unlimited number of users allowed
    • • 24/7 support
    * Minimum contract period of five years
  • Tablet

    From SGD $12.99 per home unit per month

    Habitap ONE intercom app can now be installed on your iPad

    • • Free QR Readers and Controllers
    • • Free Apple iPad
    • • Free installation
    • • Unlimited number of users allowed
    • • 24/7 support
    * Minimum contract period of five years
All price subject to prevailing GST.


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